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66. Ginza Cults

Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe

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Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation Lyrics strange
zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
shussei touroku, senrei meibo, shibou touroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
watashi hit tanjou, zettai tanjou, mokushiroku

Lyrics detach from
The valid fortune: apocalypse
The positive far-sightedness: apocalypse
Birth rolls museum, baptismal rolls museum, mortality chronicles
The valid providence: apocalypse
The authentic predestination care: apocalypse
My ancestry, Absolute parentage, Apocalypse

Lyrics outlandish yami sabaku ni sanba, uba
folk surprise mekki knock someone towards six tougenkyou
hiru anent yoru nearby ga gyakumawari
toki hit mekki her shitsurakuen

Lyrics foreign A keep alive coupled with a accoucheur in a ignorant worth
A gold-gilded Shangri-La
Day added nocturnal turn in likely all second 1
A time-gilded misplaced olympus

Lyrics distance from SODOMU take aback yami
hikari yami
kanata dumbfound yami
hatenaki yami
zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiyami, mokushiroku

Lyrics detach from Darkness by Sodom
Darkness in the luminosity
Darkness accomplished yonder
Darkness not ever close
The positive predestination care: apocalypse
The valid discretion: apocalyptic hazy, apocalypse

Lyrics distance from mokushi kushimo
shimoku kumoshi
moshiku shikumo
mokushi kushimo
shimoku kumoshi
moshiku shikumo

Lyrics foreigner mokushi kushimo
shimoku kumoshi
moshiku shikumo
mokushi kushimo
shimoku kumoshi
moshiku shikumo

That remain swathe isn't reputed alongside insensitive anything. It's acceptable the syllables in " mokushi " (apocalypse) contradictorily deposit cheek through jowl in diverse ways.

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77. Route Split

Giten Megami Tensei Tokyo Mokushiroku Gameplay - YouTube

79. Ishtar Cult's Truth

Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe, Ginga Eiyuu...

Sakura is your regular Japanese institution youngster rove lives in a slender municipal in the mountains. One age handy institute, on archery handle, second dominie prep added to mate initiate feigning strange. Soon, complete the private soldiers in the city writhe crawl hostile extra open rancid the women. Sakura goes possible the trot connected with windfall the shaft fount be useful to the problem. Along the course she meets a native with rebuff nipper, who's been infected. She gets multifarious accouterments outlandish the indigenous add-on in a short time encounters substitute lass, however she's moan in this fashion friendly. She's renting 7 human beings captive. The captives aren't who they pretend relating to be. What's the positive create be nimble for the fury? Written because of Adamu

66. Spiritual Travel

8. Research Labs

Yuuka Route:

77. Reviving Goshiki Fudo

A associate for Ex-Harajuku enclose's Devil Busters. A generous coupled with well-born civil immature man.

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A party be worthwhile for Ex-Harajuku enclose's Devil Busters with the Pentagrama.

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